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Michael The Lion - Michael The Lion (Soul Clap Records) **Preorder**
Soul Clap Records
https://d18hjk6wpn1fl5.cloudfront.net/public/332/documents/Current-Michael_The_Lion_-_Get_It_On_feat__Amy_Douglas_[FREE_DOWNLOAD]_292589428_soundcloud_mp3-332-39627-1.mp3|Michael The Lion|Michael The Lion

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PREORDER Music continues to evolve and lions continue to roar! Thus is the case with Michael The Lion and his first EP on Soul Clap Records. MTL is just one of the successful pseudonyms that have been associated with DJ Apt One. Pittsburgh-reared but Philly-bred, that City of Brotherly Love flavor is resident in nearly all of his work. A “genre-setter" of Nu-disco before it had a name, Michael has consistently delivered quality dance music through his production and DJing for more than a decade.