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Monopolar / Signal Deluxe - The Formalities Of Pleasure EP
Panta Muzik

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Formalism 4 written and produced by Humberto Polar in Peru/Mexico, mixed by Tobias Freund.
Greasy Pleasure written and produced by Valeria Rueda & Jeronimo Puente in collaboration with Xaviera Gonzales & Richie Tunacola in Berlin, mixed by Tobias Freund.
Mastered by Tobias Freund at Non Standard Studios, Berlin.
Berlin, Germany winter of 2017.
Distributed by Halcyon NY

Synthetic lovers….a soft rendered touch, feathered soul alignment, inner search galactic, the greasy formalities of pleasure hidden in sounds, untouched, unknown…

New discoveries, unmelted formatted wax, a circle of geometric perfection, of analog beauty and unutterable genetic…a secret code discovered shortly before the dawn of the past millennium…

Vibrations of spiral motion always moving forward, capturing DNA of sound, traveling throughout time and space, dancing in the timeless sacred.