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Andres"Hold on.. things are about to get weird..."

Ike VelezDistribution and Logistics Coordinator/Buyer for Halcyon. Recent New York City transplant from Chicago and DJ/producer working as Ike Release (EPISODES, MOS Recordings, Mister Saturday Night).

PVNXPVNX aka RA (Russian Advisor) is a dj / fashion shows music director / art director / event manager who came from the opposite part of the world. In charge of the Discogs section.

MaxMax McFerren is a DJ/Producer living in Chinatown, NYC. A long time DJ at local Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan parties, he now resides at the Bossa Nova Civic Club playing and co-booking the monthly Worldwave party. He has released most notably on 1080p with equally life affirming tracks on labels Ultimate Hits out of Glasgow and Physical Therapy's Allergy Season.

Bookings: ben@orchid-am.com.

MaximeProducer/DJ and furniture maker living in Queens, NY by way of Vermont. A Taurus who likes border collies and laughter, he produces beat-oriented music under the name Love Letters for such underground luminaries like Help Recordings out of Denmark, and CGI Records from Atlanta, GA. Find him Sundays in the shop.

PaulPaul produces under the "Solpara" moniker and co-runs the label Booma Collective. He's lookin' for the perfect beat thru music often considered to be (but not limited to) breakbeat, electro, punk, kraut and techno

Ray"Ray Rose's music is a reflection of his persona: intelligent, fun, with a creative dark side."

Simon"They call him the wax feeler upper!"

TaylorTaylor Shockley is a Florida-born, Brooklyn transplant who moved to NY in January of 2015 to surround himself with music, people, and art that inspires him.

Tomas"Buying old records is a habit I get more run than a Volkswagen Rabbit"

TuriyaTuriya is a sound engineer and Reiki practitioner in Brooklyn. They also DJ and produce under the moniker rrao. It was once said, "Music is what moves the soul, so I'm not judging..but you're into some weird sh*t."

Zara"Halcyon's Head Buyer, Booker and resident Babushka."